Abortion Battle Forgotten Again in SOTU

Trust the Science

By Judie Brown When it comes to COVID shots, pro-death president Joseph R. Biden is always telling us to “trust the science,” even though many solid scientists disagree with the party line on the usefulness of the shots. But when it comes to the scientific facts about preborn children versus the pro-abortion mantra of his party, Biden […]

Planned Parenthood Paying Indian Children to Take Offensive Sex Education Course

By Jim Sedlak From the first years of STOPP’s existence, we have been actively fighting Planned Parenthood’s sexuality education programs. Planned Parenthood Federation of America even identified us in 1993 as one of the 15 “most active” fighters against PP sex education programs. As we’ve documented time and time again, the intent of these programs […]

Make Me an Instrument of Peace

By Susan Ciancio Monday was a very special feast day—the feast of St. Francis of Assisi. St. Francis was a young man who renounced his family wealth to follow Christ. His efforts started the beloved Franciscan order. Many know the story of how, when praying in front of a cross, Francis heard God say: “Go, […]

No Mercy

By Judie Brown Congresswoman Cori Bush has no idea what mercy truly is. The 45-year-old represents the first Congressional District of Missouri and is a committed pro-abortion female. But her comments regarding her personal abortion experience boggle my mind. Bush chose to abort her baby after she was raped and became pregnant. She wiped away […]

Everlynn Hope

By Gideon Zielinski Everlynn arrived in silence, limp, like a worn fabric doll. The doctor tossed her upon her mother’s chest. Her fingers and toes were blue and still. Her muscles loose. She didn’t cry. She didn’t breathe. One. Two. Three seconds. A kiss on her cool forehead. The nurses whisked her away and into […]

Pro-Life This Week – October 1, 2021

Week in Review – Women’s Health Protection Act passes House because of Catholics  We told you last week that “Catholic” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was pushing to have the most dangerous pro-abortion bill in history voted on in the House. The so-called “Women’s Health Protection Act of 2021” (H.R. 3755) would write the right to […]