NJ Governor Murphy’s $9.5 Blood Money Bailout to Planned Parenthood Calls for Catholic Response

Deconstructing Transgender Pediatrics

By Dr. Michelle Cretella In the life sciences sex is defined by how a species is organized to reproduce. Human beings reproduce sexually. This is because the union of a male sex cell (sperm) and a female sex cell (ovum) is necessary to produce a human offspring. There are exactly two sex cells required for […]

Pro-Life This Week – September 17, 2021

Week in Review – Telehealth abortions—Satan’s attack on God’s children Major news came this week from Planned Parenthood—operator of the nation’s largest abortion chain. Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington DC and Planned Parenthood of the Saint Louis Region are now prescribing, using telehealth, and delivering, through the mail, the abortion pill (medication abortion). The woman receiving the […]

Which Medical Ethics for Granny?

By Judie Brown Earlier this month, President Joe Biden issued a “Proclamation on World Suicide Prevention Day.” But Biden failed to include assisted suicide in the document. Wesley J. Smith pointed this out, saying: “The obligatory official proclamations didn’t mention that suicide is now promoted widely in the media, popular culture, and by political activists seeking to […]

Unborn Children Aren’t Constructed – They Develop

By Paul Stark In one Seinfeld episode, the character of Kramer argues with a restaurant owner, Poppie, about when a pizza becomes a pizza. “It’s not a pizza ’til it comes out of the oven,” exclaims Kramer. “It’s a pizza the moment you put your fists in the dough,” counters Poppie. Sound familiar? This exchange […]

Teach Your Kids about the Amazing World of the Preborn Baby

By Susan Ciancio The world seems like a scary place right now, especially to our children. Everywhere you turn, news stories—including those of a president who claims to be Catholic—offer little in the way of positivity. But there is hope and beauty amidst the chaos. It’s important to show this beauty to your children. And […]

Viper Joe

By Judie Brown Joe Biden, president of the United States, is definitely not president of all the people. His disdain for babies prior to birth, not to mention his loathing of pro-life Americans, diminishes his status and insults his personal identification as Catholic. So when we refer to Biden as a viper—“a vicious or treacherous […]