Canceling the Basic Right to Exist

Independence Day

By Judie Brown The birthday of the nation is another phrase that describes Independence Day, which occurs every fourth of July. But celebrating the birthday of this nation raises questions such as Why can’t every American have a birthday? Of course, I am referring to the act of abortion, which eliminates birthdays for only God […]

Our Discombobulated World

By Judie Brown We live on a planet that has lost its collective mind. One supposes we could say this started in the United States, where all such confusion usually originates. The reason for this is obvious because, when America lost her moral compass years ago, she began exporting her pain without apology. The star […]

Scrubbing the Cancel Culture

By Judie Brown(#14 and the final installment in our Cancel Culture series) As this is the final installment in our series, we must reiterate what the cancel culture is in order to reverse all the negative effects it has had on our families, our faith, and our way of life. And we must reflect on […]

Contrasting Abominable Acts

By Judie Brown The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops voted this past week in favor of drafting a teaching document on the Eucharist. The vote was 168 to 55 with six abstentions. Many have reported this with a certain amount of positivity, encouraged by a vote that should never have been needed. The crux […]

Canceling God

By Judie Brown(#13 in our Cancel Culture series) While it is clear that many today believe they have the power to cancel God, the truth is that canceling God is impossible! What isn’t impossible, and in fact happens with greater frequency every day, is defiance of God’s law (also known as the natural law) with […]

Apostles of Mercy

By Judie Brown Fr. Peter Stravinskas has often written about St. Augustine’s description of God’s grace as moving each of us from misery to mercy. This message is desperately needed in our world today, as misery has crept into our society at an increasingly tragic and alarming rate. Our research for this commentary found examples […]