Remembering Nellie J. Gray and the Personhood Principle

‘Assist Us to Live, Not Die’

By Judie Brown “Assist Us to Live, Not Die” is what a poster reads in a recent demonstration against assisted suicide. If this sounds like an overstatement, stay tuned. The situation in the world of euthanasia advocates right now is not only disturbing but deadly. Across the world, proponents of assisted suicide are gaining ground. […]

Murder as Essential Healthcare

By Judie Brown A couple of days ago we saw the headline “U.S. Hospitals, Patients Cancel Elective Surgery as Coronavirus Spreads.” An elective procedure is a surgical intervention on a patient who is not experiencing an emergency. In times of crisis, such procedures can—and often must—be postponed. Medical professionals today are needed to assist in […]

Saint Patrick, We Need You Now!

By Judie Brown In the soon-to-be-released docudrama about Saint Patrick, apostle of Ireland, we learn from the executive producer, Gordon Robertson, that “Patrick brought the faith to a pagan, violent culture. His is a story of courage and perseverance. He shows us that with God, nothing is impossible.” Those few words inspire pro-life Americans to […]

A Virus That Kills People and Souls

By Judie Brown The focus of our nation is currently on the coronavirus, but there is an even deadlier virus stalking our population. Its victims are legion, including those who die and those who impose death or attempt to do so, all in the name of compassion. This virus permeates the conscience and destroys it. […]

Changing the World One Baby at a Time

By Judie Brown The words of Senator Chuck Schumer recently directed toward two Supreme Court justices have reminded me of why we are pro-life and strive to protect every innocent human being from his biological beginning until his death. Schumer angrily said: “I want to tell you Gorsuch, I want to tell you Kavanaugh—you have […]

Step By Step: Choosing Life or Death

By Judie Brown Incrementalism is defined as “a policy or advocacy of a policy of political or social change by degrees: GRADUALISM.” On the downside, we know that, when it comes to abortion, political incrementalism has become a game of choosing which babies will live and which will die. It is all about what the politicians […]