Gender Choice

Eucharistic Madness

By Judie Brown The recent headlines addressing a meeting that pro-abortion president Joe Biden is scheduled to have with Pope Francis later this month did not come as a shock. After all, the pope apparently loved his meeting with Pelosi, and it appears that he is open to any sort of meeting that suits his […]

Seeing the Baby

By Judie Brown Did you hear the one about the expectant mother who saw her baby on the ultrasound machine and chose not to abort her baby? Oh yes, the ultrasound has paved the way for many moms to say yes to life. So who could possibly oppose it? Well, let’s start with the Planned […]

With a Song in My Heart for You

By Judie Brown Rogers and Hart wrote “With a Song in My Heart” in 1929 as part of a stage musical. But when we think of the wonderful human beings who have come into our lives thanks to the parents who gave birth to children with Down syndrome, the lyrics take on a joyful new […]

Trust the Science

By Judie Brown When it comes to COVID shots, pro-death president Joseph R. Biden is always telling us to “trust the science,” even though many solid scientists disagree with the party line on the usefulness of the shots. But when it comes to the scientific facts about preborn children versus the pro-abortion mantra of his party, Biden […]

No Mercy

By Judie Brown Congresswoman Cori Bush has no idea what mercy truly is. The 45-year-old represents the first Congressional District of Missouri and is a committed pro-abortion female. But her comments regarding her personal abortion experience boggle my mind. Bush chose to abort her baby after she was raped and became pregnant. She wiped away […]

Hating God

By Judie Brown Today’s culture is filled to the brim with the idea that one can claim to be Catholic and at the same time worship one’s personal opinion to the exclusion of God and His word. While such people may claim to be Catholic, their worldview resembles the ancient heresy of Gnosticism rather than […]