Charlie Gard, His Parents, and the State

The heart-wrenching story of little Charlie Gard should leave you asking: What can I do? How would Christ want me to respond?

Inalienable Right to What?

Our Founding Fathers claimed we all had this right, but today’s society often throws it away. How do we reclaim it?

Reflections on Independence Day

As the 4th of July approaches, we must take time to reflect upon our freedom and upon those who fought so hard for it. And we must never forget to thank the One who gave us that freedom.


Pushing the Vulnerable off the Cliff

When the culture of death prevails, innocent and defenseless people get hurt or killed. How do we stop this?


Pink Versus Red

Beautiful pink baby toes remind us that pink is a color that should symbolize life, not the destructive forces of PP.