A Quiver Full of Deadly Arrows

Denying the Real Presence

By Judie Brown A college freshman recently wrote: “Abortion is a medical procedure, not a deprivation of life,” and the world yawned. A priest found the body of Christ on the floor of a Church. This desecration of the sacred host earned a brief mention at the beginning of a sermon, but not many seemed […]

Bodies, Sins, and Mercy

By Judie Brown Nearly 20 years ago, Archbishop John Myers wrote a pastoral letter in which he reminded his flock of the basics upon which our fight to end the slaughter of the innocents is based, saying that “most people would be horrified by a proposal to kill another person.” He explained that this is […]

Cardinal Wilton Gregory’s Travesty

By Judie Brown Wilton Gregory, of the Archdiocese of Washington, DC, was recently hailed by the media for becoming America’s first black Catholic cardinal. His elevation to the post of cardinal came as a shock to many of us, but then again, we are living in strange times. Gregory, for those unaware, is a controversial […]

Systemic Hatred

By Judie Brown Pundits use the word systemic to apply to nearly anything that, in their view, affects our national consciousness. Their most recent favorite phrase is systemic racism. But how much of a national problem is this really? Might systemic racism only exist in places—such as Planned Parenthood—where it is a tenet of a […]

Trump, Biden, and Love!

By Judie Brown Cursing the darkness or waiting for someone else to take up the cause, especially if that someone is a politician like Trump or Biden, is never a good idea. The plight of the innocent preborn, elderly, and others whose lives are at risk every day rests upon us. With God’s help, amazing […]

Vigilance in Our Time

By Judie Brown Federalist commentator Christopher Bedford recently wrote an analysis of the failure of Catholic leadership to be spiritual guides for the laity. By their silence and assent to all that is the Democratic party, many of the bishops have allowed public figures to use their fraudulent Catholic identity to drive a dagger through […]