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The Bullying that U.S. Law Protects

Whenever I hear or read of a news story involving the problem of bullying, my husband always reminds me that, as the youngest of four boys, he was bullied from the moment he could walk! I suppose that, because brothers will be brothers, in retrospect this is rather funny and is likely to be expected in […]

Transforming today’s nursing homes

by: Mary Meehan – Celebrate Life Is it possible to celebrate life when you are elderly, frail, and living in a nursing home? Staff at hundreds of nursing homes around the country now answer this question with a resounding “Yes!” They are transforming their institutions into truly homelike environments where residents experience the joys of […]

None Dare Call It Apostasy

by: Michael Hichborn On the cross at Calvary, there were two men crucified next to Our Blessed Lord. To His right was St. Dismas, a good thief, who repented of his sins and begged forgiveness. To His left was Gestas, a rebel who mocked Our Lord, challenging Him to reject His cross and save the […]

The Adoption Option

by: Rich Newhouse The following speech and witness was given by Rich Newhouse, president of American Life League of Arizona—an ALL Associate group—on Good Friday, 2012, in front of the Phoenix Planned Parenthood. Rich’s speech was part of a rally which also included 40 Days for Life, a Rosary with Bishop Olmsted, and other pro-life […]

God’s handiwork: The heavenly assignment of a special child

by: Diane Pierce My husband and I walked into the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit with only one thing on our minds: our 12-day-old son, Joseph. Nine days earlier, we’d been told that our dreams of watching our only child take his first steps, hearing him call us Mommy and Daddy, and cheering him when […]

Planned Parenthood and Cohorts Churn out National Standards for Public Schools

by: Rita Diller Once again, Planned Parenthood is knee deep in a coalition with government officials and morally bereft sex-pushing organizations, to the great detriment of American schoolchildren. The group is pushing to define and standardize the sex ed core curriculum, content, and skills for students in K-12. The National Sexuality Education Standards are published […]