Empty-Headed Nonsense

A Celebration of Family

By Judie Brown In these times of raging challenges to the family unit, including the most innocent among us—our preborn brothers and sisters—we are called to celebrate the family. The twisted attitudes and messaging of the media, our broken school system, and our government are filled with deception and often fill us with dread. We […]

A Manifestation of Wooden Men

By Judie Brown In an insightful lecture on G.K. Chesterton’s The Everlasting Man, Dale Ahlquist writes: If we study any civilization, we see that after progress, comes decay. Chesterton says men do not grow tired of evil, but of good. They become weary of joy. They stop worshipping God and start worshipping idols, their own […]

Bishops, Tainted Vaccines, and the Blood of the Innocents

By Judie Brown My first reaction to the words in this title is to weep over the bodies of aborted babies because, as Bishop Athanasius Schneider writes: “The blood of murdered unborn children cries to God from vaccines and medicines which utilize their remains in any manner whatsoever.” Citing Revelations 2:23, which teaches: “I will see that […]

Moral Absolutes and Biden

By Judie Brown Sham-Catholic president of the United States Joe Biden is a total failure. In terms of the natural law he is a moral pygmy, but he was helped along the road by Catholic bishops. And whether by accident or on purpose, what they have permitted is more outrageous than what Biden himself has […]

Gender Choice

By Judie Brown “Pick your gender” the cultural soothsayers tell us, suggesting that even children can make the decision. Oh, but wait a minute. Isn’t there something these devious hucksters are missing? You bet there is, and without it, anything goes. We know what’s missing here. The expectant couple knows what’s missing. What’s missing is […]

Predatory Implants

By Judie Brown We know that there are predator aircraft that are armed, intelligence-gathering vehicles. And we know that there are human predators as well. However, the predators we will discuss today are not the weirdos living on the fringes of society. Sadly, the ones we will discuss are two University of Utah professors: Margaret Pabst Battin and Brent Kious, […]