Beating Hearts for Life

Respectable Savagery Exposed

By Judie Brown Abby Johnson—pro-life leader, author, and teacher—recently told Celebrate Life Magazine that “Unplanned is not just my story; it’s the story of all of you who have been fighting in the pro-life movement. I believe this film will be one of the things that will work to make abortion unthinkable—and not just because it’s […]

Judie Brown Comments on Proposed Abortion Bans

        For Immediate Release Judie Brown Comments on Proposed Abortion Bans Fredericksburg, VA (April 4, 2019) – American Life League president, Judie Brown, issued the following statement today regarding the seven states that have taken measures to institute total abortion bans: In the wake of the horrifying abortion law signed by New […]

‘Unplanned’—The Movie

By Jim Sedlak I went to see the movie Unplanned on Thursday night, March 28—the day before the official release to over 1,000 theaters across the country. It is a hard-hitting movie (see the Culture of Life Studies Program’s analysis) about Planned Parenthood as told by Abby Johnson. Abby volunteered at Planned Parenthood in her junior […]

Five Essential Lessons from JPII

By CLSP Team Yesterday was the anniversary of St. John Paul II’s passing. In this century, there has been no stronger voice for the dignity of the human person than that of Saint John Paul II. As pope, he understood his role in proclaiming the gospel to the whole world and in teaching us to […]

“I” Is for Murder

By Judie Brown Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Catholic Speaker of the House of Representatives, says she really doesn’t know what the Democratic governor of Virginia had to say about infanticide. We thought everyone knew that Governor Ralph Northam unapologetically defended killing born babies when he talked about late-term abortions and told WTOP that they are done […]

Q & A with Abby Johnson: Former Planned Parenthood Director Saves Abortion Workers through And Then There Were None Ministry and ‘Unplanned’ Movie

By Lori Hadacek Chaplin During the filming of Unplanned, Johnson shared some insight with journalists visiting the set:  A lot of people have asked, “How is it, Abby, that you went from this good Christian kid to being someone who ran an abortion clinic?” My only answer to that is it happened just a little bit […]