I’ve Got Your Back

By Jim Sedlak A few years ago, I was speaking with a well-known pro-life leader who quit a good paying job in the secular world to devote himself full time to the pro-life effort. That decision is a tough one, especially if you have a family with small children, as this man did. I asked […]

Child Abuse Prevention

By Jim Sedlak In the United States, the month of April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. According to the Childhelp website: “In 1979, through encouragement and hard work by Childhelp Founders Sara O’Meara and Yvonne Fedderson (joined by legendary actress Sophia Loren), President Jimmy Carter designated the first National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Four years […]

Let the Supreme Court Decide

By Jim Sedlak There is a tendency among the general pro-life community, including myself, to focus all legal battles on the makeup of the Supreme Court. It was, after all, the Roe and Doe decisions of the Supreme Court in 1973 that unleashed decriminalized abortion on this country. So, if we are going to make […]

Millions of Crucifixions

By Judie Brown It has often been said that without the crucifixion there would be no Resurrection. This is what we witness during the three days beginning with Holy Thursday and culminating on Easter Sunday morning. The word crucifixion, defined as an “extreme and painful punishment” resulting in death, was the form of capital punishment […]

The Selfie March

By Judie Brown Was the recent March for Our Lives really about teens loving, caring, and mourning other teens, or was it something completely different? The March for Our Lives was a cleverly orchestrated activity designed by left wing political types to give the appearance of concerned high school students protesting because they are the […]

Trumping the Babies

By Judie Brown The omnibus budget bill recently signed by President Donald J. Trump has a slight problem. And it’s literally a deadly one. The budget contains a $500,000 sum for Planned Parenthood—the nation’s leading proponent and marketer of abortion! Upon signing this ghastly excuse for a government funding bill, the president said: I say […]