The Root Cause of Today’s Catholic Crisis

By Judie Brown One need not look farther than today’s headlines to realize that many in the Catholic hierarchy have run amuck! We all know about the disgusting behavior of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. The fact that his escapades span years is mind-boggling. We may never know how many victims fell prey to this behavior, but […]

IVF test tube baby

A 40th Birthday for IVF

By Philippa Taylor Millions of babies have come into the world through IVF. But is the net effect positive? On July 25 Louise Brown, the world’s first baby born via in vitro fertilisation (IVF), celebrate[d] her 40th birthday. Forty years after her birth it is estimated that more than seven million babies have been born as a result of IVF […]

Mom and daughter

Raising Pro-Life Kids

You’re a strong pro-life family. Together, you attend the March for Life, participate in Respect Life Sunday, and pray for an end to abortion.


Government Trafficking in Baby Body Parts

By Judie Brown The Food and Drug Administration is involved in something so bizarre that the plot resembles a horror movie. The FDA is trafficking human baby body parts in order to experiment on mice! Let’s make one thing extremely clear because this foundational information is integral to what we will discuss here. The FDA […]


Pope Francis and the Death Penalty: Another Dose of Confusion

By Philip F. Lawler Once again Pope Francis has given the world reason to believe that the teachings of the Catholic Church can and will change. Was the pope’s decision to revise the Catechism’s teaching on the death penalty a change in Church teaching, or a development of existing doctrine? Theologians may debate the point, but the vast majority of Catholics, receiving […]

Pro-Life This Week – August 10, 2018

FIGHT PLANNED PARENTHOOD You can help save a life today! Make a difference and give light to the darkness. DONATE Week in Review – Spoiling Planned Parenthood’s plans now and in November In a commentary on The Daily Signal, Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-WI) details how the proposed new Title X rule will hold Planned Parenthood […]