Priceless Value the World Does Not See

The Preborn Child: Human Being or Millstone

By Judie Brown As the Supreme Court prepares to hear the Louisiana case June Medical Services, LLC v. Gee, the nation will again confront the question: Is the expectant mother carrying a human being or a millstone? Whenever the alleged undue burden arguments come into play, that question comes to mind. The very word burden […]

Pro-Life This Week – February 21, 2020

Week in Review – Problem “pro-life” bills; More PP in schools; Court ruling; and more There is a great deal of attention being paid this week to two bills in the United States Senate. The first is the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and the second is the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. Many in […]

Pied Pipers for Medical Murder

By Mark Davis Pickup In 2016, Canada legalized medically assisted suicide for physically sick and disabled people whose deaths are “reasonably foreseeable.” That was not good enough for death advocates. Immediately the reasonably foreseeable portion of Canada’s “Medical Assistance In Dying” law was targeted as well as the requirement to be over 18 years of […]

Dr. Mildred Fay Jefferson: The Pro-Life Movement’s Greatest Orator

The pro-life movement has been blessed to have many great founding leaders who worked in support of personhood for every innocent human being from their beginning.

Congresswoman Napolitano’s Abortion Hypocrisy Requires Bishop to Act

For Immediate Release WASHINGTON, D.C. (February 18, 2020) – American Life League is responding with the following statement to California congresswoman Grace Napolitano’s embrace of abortion while calling herself Catholic. It is our job as Catholics to stand up for the true presence of our Lord in the Holy Eucharist. Without the Holy Eucharist, our […]

The Real Presence

By Judie Brown The Catholic diocese of Oakland, California, is in for an immense blessing. Bishop Michael C. Barber, S.J. is organizing a diocesan-wide Eucharistic Congress to be held June 19-20, 2020. Bishop Barber was shocked and dismayed at the results of a recent Pew Research Poll claiming that only 1/3 of Catholics believe in […]