Imago Dei

Dancing with the Devil

By Judie Brown In this era of personal truth versus universal truth as set forth by God, human beings can get into all sorts of trouble. By using personal opinion to replace objective truth, awful things can happen. We see an example of this in Georgia, where politicians put together the state’s exception-laden Fetal Heartbeat […]

St. Teresa of Calcutta: Servant to the Least of These

As pro-life educators, it is our job to make the culture of life come alive for our students.

A Culture of Moral Imbeciles

By Judie Brown When I heard Fox reporter Chris Stirewalt use the term “moral imbeciles” to describe politicians who are hung up on false narratives created out of thin air, I thought the term was brilliant. It describes people who are totally out of touch with reality, with the facts, and with fundamental truth itself. […]

Judie Brown Commends Massachusetts Nurse

            For Immediate Release Judie Brown Commends Massachusetts Nurse Fredericksburg, VA (April 8, 2019) – American Life League president Judie Brown issued the following statement today commending the heroic and loving adoption of a baby born with a birth defect: When a nurse steps forth to adopt a beautiful baby […]

Is it Ethical to Give Emergency Contraception in Catholic Hospitals?

By Chris Kahlenborn, MD Each year, over 250,000 women get sexually assaulted in the United States, while the actual number of victims is likely far higher, considering that less than 40% of victims report their assaults. Of the women who do go to an emergency room, almost all will get a pregnancy test, and if […]

Pro-Life This Week – April 5, 2019

  Week in Review – The movie; good legislative efforts; Virginia MFL; and Title X funding   The movie, UNPLANNED, had outstanding results at the box office last week as it grossed $6.1 million and came in fifth among all the movies in theaters last week. With an initial showing on 1,059 screens last weekend, it […]