Big Abortion Observes National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers

The abortion lobby apparently isn’t doing enough to cheer for people who crush babies’ heads for a living. They need a day to tweet about it. On Thursday, abortion supporters threw a Twitter party called National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers, and used the hashtag #NDAAP to publicize it.

Despite the fact that Planned Parenthood and its abortionists work aggressively to "destigmatize" abortion, abortionists refuse to call themselves abortionists and have to soften the word by putting "care" after it.

What’s so hard with saying, “I’m an abortionist. I provide abortions.”?

This week, advocates for abortion-on-demand sent out tweets of encouragement for the men, women, and organizations responsible for the deaths of nearly a million preborn children every year.



Planned Parenthood president, Cecile Richards, expresses her gratitude for all the baby parts distributors.



Lacking any sense of self-awareness, abortionists tweet enthusiasm for their bloody craft by including emoticons like these in their tweets:


Maybe we’re missing something here, but including cartoons of body parts you regularly tear from preborn babies doesn’t seem like good PR. 


If abortion, according to the abortion enthusiasts, is nothing to be ashamed of, why the hand-holding? Why the need for emotional comfort?

For sensible people, the answer is obvious. Abortion hurts women and kills a child. How do pro-aborts "destigmatize" that?

Oh wait, don’t call them "pro-abortion." They insist they’re not pro-abortion because “no one if FOR abortion,” right?

God help them.