Babies or Kittens?

At approximately 12 weeks, a preborn child develops vocal chords.

Does Kesha know that?

This weekend Planned Parenthood’s hosts its annual gala in Washington, D.C. Here, thousands of Planned Parenthood supporters come together to celebrate an organization promoting uninhibited sex, STDs as no big deal, and the deaths of preborn children.  As part of the festivities, pop singer Kesha is booked to perform.




Kesha sent out a tweet to express her enthusiasm for joining Planned Parenthood’s Killapalooza:



Not only does the 29-year-old stand with Planned Parenthood, she stands for dogs and cats in China, too:


As a vegetarian, killing animals for meat disgusts Kesha. Killing preborn kids and negotiating the sale of their body parts, however, doesn’t appear to faze the singer one bit. This is life in the Hollywood bubble. Save the cats, kill the babies.