Babies Left Behind Once Again in US Budget Deal

Babies Left Behind Once Again in US Budget Deal

WASHINGTON, D.C. (February 9th, 2018) – American Life League executive director Jim Sedlak responded to the passing and signing of a massive two-year budget deal that allows for the continued funding of abortion giant Planned Parenthood:

The passage and signing of today’s budget deal is a tragedy of immense proportions. Fifteen months after American people voted in a pro-life House and Senate and elected a pro-life president and vice president, those same American people are still being forced to give their tax dollars to Planned Parenthood. Once again, a budget deal was “negotiated” by Congress and the preborn babies were sacrificed.

Planned Parenthood murders 882 preborn children through surgical and medical abortions every day and our government continues to give it almost $1.5 million each day. President Obama was willing to shut down the government rather than take a single penny away from Planned Parenthood. Yet, our president and our Congress—who say they are pro-life—routinely continue to fund the baby killers. It is time to end the carnage. Can you imagine the outrage in Congress if taxpayers were forced to give money to an organization that killed over 300,000 baby seals a year?

How many babies must Planned Parenthood kill in order for our politicians to shut down its taxpayer funding? Planned Parenthood has already murdered over 7,000,000 in its own facilities.

American Life League is asking the entire pro-life community to sign a petition cosponsored by both ALL and LifeSiteNews calling for the immediate defunding of Planned Parenthood.

Media inquires: Please contact ALL at (540) 659-4171.

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