An Abortion Survivor Doing the Impossible

An Abortion Survivor Doing the Impossible

Gianna Jessen did the unmanageable—she survived an abortion.

When Gianna’s mother found out at 17 that she was pregnant, she sought out an abortion. She had a saline abortion, which is when a chemical solution is injected into the womb to essentially burn the child alive. However, after 18 hours in the solution, Baby Gianna was delivered alive!

The nurses at a Los Angeles County abortion facility were expecting to deliver a dead baby, so everyone was surprised when a 2 and one-half pound baby girl was delivered alive. Due to the toxic chemicals of the saline abortion and her premature birth, Jessen fought for her life in the hospital for three months. She was also diagnosed with cerebral palsy resulting from a lack of oxygen in the womb.

She continually proves the impossible!

Because of Gianna’s cerebral palsy and traumatic premature birth, the doctors said it would be impossible for her to even hold her head up on her own. However, Gianna proved them wrong; remember this is the girl who survived an abortion.

Gianna was not only able to hold her head up on her own, but with the help of her adoptive family she learned to crawl, walk with braces, and now walks by herself with only a slight limp. All things the doctors thought would be impossible, she made possible.

But she didn’t stop there. Gianna loves to indoor rock climb, has completed full marathons, and has a beautiful singing voice! On top of that she is an international speaker, traveling all over the world to share her story with others.

In a phone interview, Gianna said: “A person and God always have the opportunity to progress. No matter what point you are at, you can always do something, even if it is just the tiniest thing.”

Everyone has purpose.

Gianna wasn’t supposed to survive that abortion. In fact, many would say it’s impossible to survive a saline abortion. Because she survived, her voice has now been heard by millions. Her testimony has changed countless hearts. If she had not survived, the world would have missed her commitment to saving other babies and mothers.

God has a plan for every single human being. Many mothers are terrified after discovering a surprise pregnancy and they wonder how they could possibly bring a child into this world. What if those mothers take a moment to think about that new child’s purpose? We know that every baby has a special purpose known to God alone. It is up to the parents to help the child realize this purpose. And we must always remember that God never makes a mistake!

Choosing life for a child may seem like an impossible task, but with faith and trust in God that every human being has a purpose, it will become very possible. As Gianna says: “My goal is to live the impossible since nothing is impossible for God.”