American Life League President Statement on Abortion Funding for Harvey Survivors

Washington, DC —American Life League president Judie Brown issued the following statement concerning the pro-abortion Lilith Fund establishing an abortion fund for Hurricane Harvey survivors:

The very idea that the pro-death LILITH FUND would raise money to kill babies during everyone's hour of need in Houston and elsewhere is beyond belief. How callous and disgusting can any pro-abortion charity (excuse the word) get? We should be doing all we can to help everyone suffering from this tragedy created by Hurricane Harvey, not adding to the death and destruction. God help us when the best response some can give is to suggest that killing babies is a charitable thing to do.

ALL recommends that, instead of funding abortion in disaster areas, people consider donating to the <a href="[email protected]&JDG<;4?.51?&SDGHouston Coalition for Life which sustained damage in the storm, to <a href="[email protected]&JDG<;4?.51?&SDGLifeHouse which is raising funds to help expectant mothers affected by the storm, or to <a href="[email protected]&JDG<;4?.51?&SDGMissions of Hope which is directly providing equipment desperately needed to dry out flooded homes.

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