Activist Materials

Activist Materials

The hardest challenge for many people just beginning pro-life activism is deciding where to start. But, if you want to speak up for the babies, you’ve got to know the language. Whether you’re talking to one person or a whole group, you’re likely to get a whole lot of questions. Don’t know what to say? Don’t worry about it. We’ve heard it all before!

Some of the questions get involved. And so do some of the answers. But the bottom line is always the same: The baby is a person whose right to life is just as non-negotiable as yours or mine.

Here are a few of the areas pro-lifers are involved in, with hints from experts about how to get your foot in the door—and make a difference.

In addition, American Life League has launched a number of efforts designed to highlight specific truths about various pro-life topics. Some of these are specific to pro-life groups or pro-life physicians. You may not be able to participate yourself, but you can help spread the word to those who can!

Explore the various subtopics here, learn the language and most frequently debated points, then think about starting out in your local community. Engage your family, friends, and colleagues; write letters to the editor of your local newspaper; get involved with a local group—or start one—and go from there!

For detailed information and resources on how to stop Planned Parenthood in your community, please visit

The media present specific challenges. They have the means to help you put your message before a very large audience, but many media insiders are not at all sympathetic to the pro-life cause. Still, most media people pride themselves on fairness, and you can use that as leverage to request coverage.