Actions of Congress as We Reach a Milestone

Yesterday (July 14) was the one year anniversary of the release of the first undercover video of Planned Parenthood and its baby body parts business. Although PP has done everything it can to kill the truth, activities sparked by the videos are still ongoing. Just this week, the U.S. House of Representatives Select Panel on Infant Lives released its interim report on the investigation into Planned Parenthood and the baby body parts scandal in this nation. As David Daleiden pointed out in his press release, “In the first half of 2016, the Panel has documented the for-profit business model for fetal body parts harvesting at some of the largest Planned Parenthood affiliates in the country and the company StemExpress. Last month, the Panel filed formal complaints with the Department of Health and Human Services on account of ‘systematic’ HIPAA violations at multiple Planned Parenthood affiliates in their relationship with StemExpress, as well as the use of invalid consent forms with false representations to pregnant women.” Despite Planned Parenthood’s claims that it has done nothing wrong, an unbiased review of the mounting evidence reveals just how horrific the daily operations of the organization are.

In other news from Congress this week, the U. S. House of Representatives passed the Conscience Protection Act by a vote of 245-182. Following the vote, Pro-Life Caucus co-chairman Chris Smith issued the following statement:

The Obama Administration’s refusal to enforce the civil right of conscience is not only unfair and unjustified—it grossly violates the rule of law. It makes a mockery of President Obama’s 2009 Notre Dame speech in which he said "Let’s honor the conscience of those who disagree with abortion." But he has not.

In an unconscionable abuse of power, for almost two years the state of California has forced all insurance plans under its purview—and the people and institutions that pay the premiums—to subsidize abortion on demand.

The Weldon federal conscience law authored by Congressman Dave Weldon of Florida and continuously in effect for over a decade—makes it explicit and comprehensively clear that California’s action is illegal.

Enforcement however is vested in the HHS Office of Civil Rights (OCR) and that’s the Achilles heel that needs to be fixed—and will be fixed by the Conscience Protection Act.

The House vote today is about protecting those who have been ordered to violate their deeply held convictions and pay for, or participate in, abortion—the killing of unborn children by hideous dismemberment procedures, toxic compounds or chemical poisoning.

In other news, two Planned Parenthood locations will soon close their doors. PP in Muncie, Indiana, is set to close today (July 15) and its center in Terre Haute will close next week (July 20). PP officials said the closures are due to a lack of business at the two centers. These are at least the seventh and eighth closings of PP centers in 2016. This brings the total number of PP centers in the U.S. down to at least 637. That is 301 less than its peak of 938 centers in 1995. Praise God!