Abortion Begets Another Tragedy

When news broke that a 21-year-old single mom committed suicide so soon after an abortion, pro-life advocates took to social media to express heartbreak: 





. . . and frustration:



Details about Jade Rees’ life reveal a young woman struggling with depression, previous suicide attempts, an eating disorder, and a recent breakup with a boyfriend.  A suicide note suggests her abortion pushed her to the breaking point.

As predicted, the defenders of any-and-all-abortion were quick to dismiss any connection between her abortion and her suicide. 


Apparently, the problem isn’t the killing of a preborn child. The problem is that the killing of a preborn child gets a not-so-nice label. Everyone must make sure that all post-abortive mothers and their abortionists get high fives.

And if you can’t blame the stigma, blame the songwriter.


Pro-abortion tactic: Shift focus from the abortion-suicide connection to the song the mother was listening to at the time she took her life.



Here’s a better idea. Pray for the souls of Rees and her child. Then pray for an end to abortion.