A Chilling Selfie

You can’t remove the stigma of killing a preborn baby, but try telling that to Planned Parenthood’s cheerleaders.

In the attempt to normalize abortion as no different than a mole removal, feminist extremists are trying to convince women that post-abortion feelings of shame have nothing to do with the murder of a baby and everything to do with social mores. And those social mores need to be changed; hence, the existence of propagandists like Laci Green.

Green’s celebrity was born of her popular YouTube channel aimed at teaching teens and young adults about the mechanics of sex. She’s heavily endorsed by MTV, Planned Parenthood, and every pro-abortion media outlet that denies the existence of sexual perversions. 

While in Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention, Green attended a fundraiser for the nation’s largest abortion business, Planned Parenthood. When she arrived, pro-life activists from Created Equal were standing on the sidewalk holding posters of abortion’s victims to remind guests precisely what it is they’re celebrating.

How did Green cope with reality?

“Peace, y’all!”

Laci’s picture reveals a self-contradiction. She smiles because a dead baby doesn’t faze her, but she doesn’t want her followers to see what exactly she finds amusing. If abortion is no big deal, Ms. Green, why hide it? If the picture is a lie, then shouldn’t the lie be exposed?

To put Laci Green’s response in perspective, imagine her taking a selfie in front of other acts of wickedness:






But Green and Planned Parenthood advocates will condemn the idea that “reproductive freedom”—aka abortion, aka killing a preborn child—is on the same level as beheading Christians or blowing up spectators at a sports events. Pro-life activists holding pictures of dead children are exposing an injustice, a failure within a culture that deems some human beings as not equal to others, and therefore have no inviolable right to life. The terrorist doesn’t think his human victims have a right to life. The Planned Parenthood advocates don’t think preborn humans have one either.

If ever we need a face to put on the movement for human INEQUALITY, we can start with Laci Green’s selfie.