Trump, Babies, and Malevolence

Pro-Life This Week – August 27, 2021

Week in Review – What a Week! Where Do We Start? As August rolls to an end, we hope many of you have taken the time to talk with your US senators and let them know the importance of keeping in the budget bills a prohibition on taxpayer funding of abortion. We clearly do not […]

Bishops, Tainted Vaccines, and the Blood of the Innocents

By Judie Brown My first reaction to the words in this title is to weep over the bodies of aborted babies because, as Bishop Athanasius Schneider writes: “The blood of murdered unborn children cries to God from vaccines and medicines which utilize their remains in any manner whatsoever.” Citing Revelations 2:23, which teaches: “I will see that […]

Behind the Planned Parenthood Numbers

By Jim Sedlak During the course of a year, Planned Parenthood Federation of America releases a great deal of numbers. Those that are of particular concern and are reported by many groups are its abortion numbers, its government income, its adoption referrals, and its prenatal services. While all these and similar categories of numbers are […]

Pro-Life Movement Has Obligation to Back Conscience Protections Regarding Vaccines

For Immediate Release  Brown: “Safe should not be the equivalent of mandatory” WASHINGTON, D.C. (25 August 2021) – American Life League president Judie Brown issued the following statement regarding the FDA’s approval of the Pfizer vaccine and the ongoing efforts of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) push to refuse religious exemptions for […]

Building a Culture of Life with Saints Monica and Augustine

By Susan Ciancio Behind nearly every great son is a great mother. This week, we have the chance to celebrate both mother and son. Friday is the Feast of St. Monica, and Saturday is feast of her son, St. Augustine. St. Monica prayed for many years for her wayward son, even following him to Italy […]

Moral Absolutes and Biden

By Judie Brown Sham-Catholic president of the United States Joe Biden is a total failure. In terms of the natural law he is a moral pygmy, but he was helped along the road by Catholic bishops. And whether by accident or on purpose, what they have permitted is more outrageous than what Biden himself has […]