Human Undesirables

The Real Presence and Misguided Catholics

By Judie Brown At the Last Supper, Jesus Christ celebrated the first Mass. During that event He consecrated the bread and wine which became, through transubstantiation, His body and blood. Christ’s real presence—His body, blood, soul, and divinity—is actually, not symbolically, present in every consecrated host. Thus, His words “This is My Body” are a […]

Surprise! Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Like the Police

By Jim Sedlak Through the years, Planned Parenthood has supported strange causes and has taken many strange positions. But this latest publicized position by the group just doesn’t make too much sense in light of its other positions. On June 9, 2020, the Planned Parenthood Action fund wrote a blog on why Planned Parenthood supports […]

Disassembling Childhood

(Part 3 in our Cancel Culture series)By Judie Brown Most parents and grandparents know that childhood begins at the birth of a baby and culminates in adulthood. One would think that healthcare providers and educators should understand this as well, but sadly they do not. Today, there is a not-so-clandestine effort to redefine teens and pre-teens as […]

Pro-Life This Week – April 9, 2021

Week in Review – A call to Catholics and legislation in Congress and the states As we fight for the life of every human being created by God, we are increasingly in need of spiritual strengthening. Our entire culture seems to be on a downhill slide to hell. We have just finished Holy Week and […]

Planned Parenthood Using Guttmacher to Push for Unlimited, Free Abortions

By Jim Sedlak Having gotten its flunkies elected to key positions (including president, vice president, and speaker of the house) in the federal government, and the appointment of many more abortion lovers (e.g., Xavier Becerra) to key federal positions, Planned Parenthood is using the Guttmacher Institute (originally part of PP) to push its radical baby-killing […]

God Created People in All Shapes and Sizes

By Susan Ciancio How do we teach our children to be kind and to treat others well? They must see us treating others well. We have to exhibit kindness. They must hear us talking kindly about—and to—others. They must see us performing acts of kindness with a generous and loving heart. We not only need […]