Life and Love Can Save America

ALL’s Cancel Culture Series

The cancel culture has gotten so ubiquitous that it has begun canceling out nearly every good and moral thing in our society. In an effort to create awareness of the devastating effects of this culture, Judie Brown, ALL’s president, has penned a series of 14 articles teaching the dire effects of what will happen if […]

Scrubbing the Cancel Culture

By Judie Brown(#14 and the final installment in our Cancel Culture series) As this is the final installment in our series, we must reiterate what the cancel culture is in order to reverse all the negative effects it has had on our families, our faith, and our way of life. And we must reflect on […]

Pro-Life This Week – June 25, 2021

Week in Review – Victory in Congress and a really, really dangerous book for kids Republicans in the US Senate were able to block passage of the “For the People Act” (S1/HR1) this week. The bill would have allowed federal takeover of all elections in the country and prohibit states from passing election laws. This […]

PRO-LIFE BASICS: Is There Real Healing after Abortion?

By Judie Brown The simple answer to that question is yes. It’s yes because anything is possible with God, especially being blessed with His mercy. But there is much sorrow, heartache, and pain when one considers the young life that was snuffed out by abortion. I think this is why it is so heartening to […]

Who Is the Jehoiada in Your Life?

By Susan Ciancio A guidepost. A sign. A stoplight. A map. A compass. GPS. What do all these things have in common? They provide us with direction. They keep us from wandering aimlessly or from going somewhere dangerous. We need these things in our lives to keep us safe. But even more than that, we […]

Ted Lieu and the Anti-Church

A message from ALL executive vice president Hugh Brown.  Ted Lieu is a member of Congress who claims to be Catholic. This past week, he nominated himself to carry on Satan’s mantle of “I will not serve,” and he attacked and rebuked the Catholic Church for her infallible teachings on faith and morals. Mr. Lieu, […]