A Visit with Heroes in the Fight against Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood’s new ads entice young people with lewd messages

by: Rita Diller The new bright pink Planned Parenthood ads being rolled out by PP of Northern New England blast such slogans as: We’re your SEXUAL EXPERIENCE, We’re your FRIEND WITH BENEFITS, We’re your QUICKIE, We’re your PRIVATE AREA, We’re your SEXUAL FANTASY, and We’re your MORNING AFTER. The message is appearing on buses, in […]

American Life League’s 2011 MOLOCH AWARDS

Moloch was a false god that Israel would worship during its periods of apostasy. Followers that worshipped this counterfeit deity would sacrifice their children to it by heating up this idol with fire until it was glowing hot and then place their newborn babies into the arms of the idol. What better way to honor […]

Action Alert: Obama administration and Planned Parenthood attack religious freedom

by: Rita Diller The chairman of the USCCB pro-life committee, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, said this week that the religious exemption in the HHS ruling to require health insurance plans to cover sterilization and contraception free of charge is so narrow that Jesus himself would not qualify for it. Yet the Obama administration has refused to broaden the […]

ALL’s Associate Program: A New Year’s Resolution You can Keep

by: Leslie Tignor It’s the beginning of another new year. In typical fashion, we mark the start of each year with great plans, high hopes, and grand resolutions. Also in typical fashion, those plans, hopes, and resolutions tend to fade—if not fall away altogether—by the time spring flowers start to bloom! What pro-life resolutions have […]

COVID-19 and Nursing Homes

By Nancy Valko, RN, ALNC Recently, two good friends of mine with physical limitations who had been waiting for over a year to enter a carefully chosen assisted living/long-term healthcare facility changed their minds about going. They found out that the facility had at least one resident with COVID-19. They are now staying at home […]

Celebrating Sibling Saints: Jacinta and Francisco Marto

By Susan Ciancio and Catherine Daub “Why doesn’t Our Blessed Lady show hell to sinners? If they could see it, they would never commit any more sins.” – Jacinta Marto On May 13, 1917, three Portuguese children who lived near a town called Fatima were blessed with the first of several visions of the mother […]