Planned Parenthood’s Online Video Admits Its Vulnerability

Pro-Life This Week – October 30, 2020

Week in Review – New SCOTUS justice and Election musings As expected, the attention of pro-lifers across America this week was on the Supreme Court and the elections. On Monday, the United States Senate voted 52-48 to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett as the next Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. […]

A Thief in the Desert

By Judie Brown What you are about to read is totally true and in no way resembles a Halloween tale. It starts with a barren land. Proponents of abortion have begun to use the term “abortion desert.” That desert is the barren wasteland left in the wake of the cultural drive toward sterility, illness, and […]

Pro-life legislation should not contradict pro-life principle

American Life League legislative policy Pro-life legislation should not contradict pro-life principle Pro-lifers face confusion in the ranks. Today, in the face of hostility from judges, politicians, and the media, a spirit of compromise is tempting the right-to-life movement to play “lifeboat” with the lives of the preborn. Like the “values clarification” game where players […]

CLSP Lessons Help Build a Culture of Life in November

By Susan Ciancio Building a culture of life has never been so important. It seems like every day we wake up to more unrest, more sickness, more sadness, and more division in our country. But through all that negativity, there are also incredible amounts of love, charity, and happiness. That is what we must focus […]

American Brood of Vipers

By Judie Brown Last night, we witnessed the confirmation of a Catholic to the position of associate justice of the Supreme Court, and next week, we elect a president. Given these two facts, is it any wonder the God-despising cadres are howling, growling, and prowling about churning out fallacies far and wide? They adore confusion […]

Church, State, Conscience, and Blessed Franz Jägerstätter

By Fritz Baumgartner In 1938, a peasant Austrian farmer named Franz Jägerstätter had a prophetic dream. His dream, actually more of a vision, was that of a shiny, beautiful train—a train headed straight into the pit of hell. Jägerstätter wrote the following description in his essay “On the Question of Our Day: Catholic or Nazi”: […]