Life Defenders’ Video Encourages Thought

Stay Home: Isolation Versus Solitude

COVID-19 has put me into forced self-isolation. Unless you are employed in an essential service, so are you.  As this extraordinary period of time of physical distancing and staying in our houses stretches out, I am hearing people beginning to complain about the isolation they feel. Many are becoming depressed.   Having suffered with degenerative multiple sclerosis […]

Pro-Life This Week – April 24, 2020

Week in Review – Quick actions end threats to life at both ends of the life spectrum This week, New York State showed its total anti-life penchants. The New York Post reported on Tuesday that “New York State just issued a drastic new guideline urging emergency services workers not to bother trying to revive anyone without a […]

Pelosi Is Bishops’ Achilles Heel

By Judie Brown Achilles’ heel: “a vulnerable point” Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s most vulnerable point is her inability to recognize truth—the truth that does not change. This is why we describe her as one of the most infamous pro-abortion Catholic-in-name-only leaders in our nation. Her offenses to the dignity of the innocent human […]

Planned Parenthood Using Telehealth to Kill Babies

By Jim Sedlak As Planned Parenthood uses the current virus pandemic to increase the killing of God’s children, the killing chambers are starting to move from physical clinics to homes on your block. Planned Parenthood has been venturing into the telemedicine world for some time. Its Heartland affiliate in Nebraska and Iowa pioneered the development […]

Fun CLSP Facts as You Start Pro-Life Education

No matter what class you teach, questions on human dignity and respect will likely arise.

Comparing Apples and Oranges

By Judie Brown The phrase “comparing apples and oranges” means comparing two dissimilar entities. This applies well when comparing the innate dignity of each innocent human being from creation to death with the prevailing idea among some that bowing to polling data rather than adhering to legitimate truth is acceptable. Actual facts lead us to […]