Incentives to Kill

A Coronavirus Vaccine Containing Aborted Baby Cells? Yes.

By Judie Brown A dear friend recently reacted to Bishop Joseph Strickland’s statement that he “will refuse” a potential vaccine for the coronavirus if it is made using tissue from “aborted children.” Our friend wrote that he wonders what our national response would be if we were forced by law to receive such a vaccine. […]

‘Maafa 21’—Ten Years Later

By Karen Mahoney When Maafa 21: Black Genocide in 21st Century America—an explosive exposé chronicling the racist eugenics agenda of the abortion industry in the United States—was released 10 years ago, the Texas-based film’s writer and director, Mark Crutcher, had no idea what to expect. “I thought maybe we would release about 2,000 DVDs each […]

Christ Died for You

Today we reflect on Christ’s love and sacrifice for us with this prayer by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. Lord Jesus Christ, at the hour of your death the sun was darkened. Ever anew you are being nailed to the Cross. At this present hour of history we are living in God’s darkness. Through your great sufferings […]

Renewing Your Fight against Planned Parenthood

By Jim Sedlak Planned Parenthood has been in existence, under one name or another, since 1916. From the beginning, there have always been those who recognized that Planned Parenthood was an anti-God endeavor more influenced by the Prince of Darkness than anything else. Over its 104-year history, God has raised up many individuals to fight […]

Pro-Life Education at Home

This current youth generation is the most pro-life any generation has been since Roe v. Wade, but we can’t expect them to build a culture of life unless we show them how.

Life and Love Can Save America

By Judie Brown Saving our nation was the topic of an essay that Fr. Regis Scanlon, O.F.M. CAP, wrote more than 10 years ago. Today, as we confront the many enemies of life, love, and family, it would serve us well to contemplate these words: Because the Bread of Life and Love is inseparable from […]