Costumes, Candy, and Babies

Planned Parenthood Resumes Abortions in Kentucky

By Jim Sedlak Back in 2016, Matt Bevin, pro-life governor of Kentucky, ordered Planned Parenthood to stop doing abortions at its facility in Louisville. Planned Parenthood Indiana and Kentucky (PPINK) filed a lawsuit, but Bevin denied the organization a license to do abortions. Then, last year, PPINK formed a “strategic alliance” with Planned Parenthood Greater […]

What Your Teens Don’t Know Can Hurt Them . . . and You

By Catherine Daub A year and a half ago, my 80-year-old father underwent emergency surgery for a ruptured aortic abdominal aneurysm where he had a less than 6% chance of survival. We all breathed a sigh of relief when he beat the odds and made it through surgery, but little did we know that, even […]

The Gift of Choosing

By Judie Brown The Democratic presidential candidate debates last Friday night reflect the ongoing reality that the act of abortion is an issue to be bandied about as though it were nothing more than a word. Catholic-in-name-only Joe Biden deceived the audience with the following fallacious statement: “Look, here’s the deal, a litmus test on […]

Ben Stein: An Apostle of Life

By Donald DeMarco, PhD To be outspoken in defending life requires courage as well as common sense. Ben Stein not only has the courage to stand up against Hollywood, but the common sense to express in plain terms the values that are most fundamental to society. — Donald DeMarco In addition to handing out Oscars […]

Pro-Life This Week – February 7, 2020

Week in Review – President Trump Calls for a Ban on Late-Term Abortions; Spokane Councilwoman Proposes Law to Ban Protesters from Planned Parenthood    President Donald Trump’s State of the Union was broadcasted everywhere Tuesday night, February 4. During his speech, President Trump reminded his listeners and American citizens that “every human life is a […]

Modern-Day Killing

By Judie Brown No matter what you call such practices, there are many ways to take a preborn child’s life these days. For our purposes we will focus on the latest innovations, known as do-it-yourself and webcam abortions. To be clear, self-induced abortions, more commonly referred to as do-it-yourself abortions, are not new. In fact, […]