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Our Pro-Life Jeremiad

By Judie Brown Jeremiad: “a prolonged lamentation or complaint” In the context of Jeremiah’s repeated requests to the people of Israel that they repent, the word “jeremiad” cannot really be described as a complaint, but rather a plea. In an inspiring homily that Fr. Steve Grunow delivered during the Word on Fire Mass for Saturday, March 28, […]

Two Futures and a Moment of Hope

By Lori Hatcher Two years ago, I attended a banquet for a pro-life ministry called A Moment of Hope ( In the center of each table sat a stunning orchid in full bloom. Some were purple, some fuchsia, some yellow, and some red. Bunches of blossoms hung like grapes from long stems. While some of […]

Pro-Life This Week – March 27, 2020

Week in Review – Pro-aborts on rampage; HR 748; DNR changes; Vaccine update Yesterday, pro-abortion groups (including Planned Parenthood) sued the governor of the state of Texas because he followed the US attorney general’s request and ordered the end of all elective surgery in Texas. His order included abortion, and that’s why the baby killers […]

Science v. Ideology

By Judie Brown The pro-abortion’s headline states: “With the Safety of Abortion at Stake, the Supreme Court Could Rule against Science.” The deceit underlying this article, written by a doctor of public health, is summed up in this paragraph: Admitting privilege laws are among the slate of restrictions commonly known as TRAP laws, or […]

Planned Parenthood Breaking the Law—Killing Babies

By Jim Sedlak Reacting to the coronavirus, the US surgeon general has called on all medical facilities to immediately stop all elective surgeries. Among the reasons given by the surgeon general was that the protective gear used in elective surgeries would decrease the amount available to those fighting the virus, and doing the procedures could […]

5 Life-Affirming Books Your Middle Schooler Will Love

Your kids are home for several weeks, and you want to keep them engaged and learning new things. Foster a love of reading! Reading is something they can do on the porch, patio, or back deck, so they get fresh air and some sun as well. We have some great book suggestions for you. Plus, […]